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By Steven J. Fontana, DDS, MD, President, Gulfshore Oral Surgery, PA

Elavon Review: Steven J. Fontana, DDS, MD, President, Gulfshore Oral Surgery, PA

In 2013, I realized my dream of opening Gulfshore Oral Surgery, PA, located in beautiful Naples, Florida. Since the practice was started from scratch, we had plenty of things to buy!

As a loyal Costco customer for many years, it only made sense to utilize Costco for my new business. From furniture to supplies, our experience with Costco has been incredible. However, the really pleasant surprise was when we extended our relationship with Costco to include its credit card processing service through Elavon.

We need a merchant services solution that is reliable, accurate and economical. After all, our time is best utilized caring for patients, not trouble-shooting problems with our credit card processing vendor. And by keeping our costs down, we can pass along those savings to our patients!

Elavon’s arrangement with Costco Services fits our needs perfectly. Transactions are processed smoothly and consistently, and with the financial value we have come to expect from Costco.

Where Costco really shines is when things do not go so smoothly. They have built their reputation on having their customers’ backs when the chips are down. Elavon is cut from the same cloth. When a rare problem surfaces, Elavon and Costco work together to make sure that the outcome is most favorable for Gulfshore Oral Surgery and our patients.

At Gulfshore Oral Surgery, we work hard to take care of our patients like family in their time of need. Let’s face it – few people are excited to see the oral surgeon, but when they experience our warm, caring environment, they are put at ease, and we are able to help them. We are proud to partner with Costco and Elavon, two companies that share our values.

Steven J. Fontana, D.D.S., M.D.

President, Gulfshore Oral Surgery, PA

Steven J. Fontana, D.D.S., M.D., is a Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, specializing in dental extractions (including wisdom teeth), dental implants, bone grafting, sinus augmentation, and oral pathology (including biopsies).

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