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Customer Review


By Abie Flaster, Owner, In Style Custom Cheer and Dance

In 2000, we launched our company, In Style Custom Cheer and Dance. We do everything through our website, including processing all transactions. After our first few years in business, we heard that Costco offered credit card processing services. Since Costco has such a great reputation, we decided to look into Elavon and made the switch to virtual merchant in 2005. The experience has been worry-free from the beginning. Not only are we saving money, Elavon responds quickly if I need anything and provides incredible customer service.

From time to time, other service providers have approached us and compared their rates with Elavon’s.  They weren’t able to even come close to the great rates Elavon offers. I highly recommend Elavon to any business conducting the majority of their transactions online. Over the last 10 years, Elavon has been very conscious of my needs and taken great care of me, and my business, 100 percent.

Abie Flaster

Owner, In Style Custom Cheer and Dance

In Style Custom Cheer and Dance sells quality cheer and dance apparel, accessories and custom uniforms.


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