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Customer Review

By Mike Shleider, Owner, Coni Mar Designs

Elavon Review: Mike Shleider, Owner, Coni Mar Designs

In 2010, I began comparison-shopping for better rates for payment processing. I learned about Elavon through Costco, and the rates they offered were great, so we made the switch. My business has saved at least $5,000 annually since we began using Elavon’s EMV terminals and Converge.

As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to cut costs, which Elavon has done for us – but their outstanding customer service was a pleasant surprise. I have a dedicated point-of-contact, who is always available, knowledgeable and helpful. If I have any issues, my problem is resolved during the first call I make.

For any other businesses looking for great service and rates, I highly recommend Elavon.

Mike Shleider

Owner, Coni Mar Designs

Family Owned and Operated since 1982, Coni Mar Designs offers complete interior decorating service, specializing in blinds, custom draperies, window treatments and plantation shutters.

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