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Customer Review

By Marie Rudd, Owner and Manager, Reemik Int’l Salon

In 2014, I opened my nail salon, creating a relaxing place for my customers to come for a great experience. In a salon environment, convenient payment acceptance is very important, which is one of the reasons I use Elavon’s wireless terminals. The other reason is I trust them. Their rates are lower than other providers, yet they provide higher quality products and incredible customer service.

My experience with Elavon’s customer service to get my account and equipment set up was excellent. My representative was professional and helpful – and no matter what I needed, they took care of it in a timely manner.

I pride myself on offering my customers the best experience I can, and Elavon adheres to those same standards. Without hesitation, I recommend Elavon!

Marie Rudd

Owner and Manager, Reemik Int’l Salon

Reemik’s Int’l Salon offers an extensive range of relaxing and rejuvenating services, including manicures and pedicures, to help customers look and feel their best.


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