Who is Elavon?

Payment processing. Fraud management. Innovative mobile payment options. Advanced security solutions. Data-driven insights. Together, we can unlock a world of opportunities.

Four Facts to Know About Elavon

At Elavon, we know that you didn’t begin your business for the paperwork, payment processing, or PCI compliance.

And no matter how important those things might be to your success every day, we understand they won’t trigger your passions in the same way that serving your customers and growing your business will.

That’s why our approach is to make payment processing the simplest part of your day. That’s good news for your business, whether it’s large or small, local or international. It means we’re dedicated to building a partnership to build your business. And each of our innovative products and services is created and optimized to allow you to focus your energies on creating customer relationships that are both personally and financially rewarding.

How do Costco and Elavon Bringing Big Benefits to Your Business?

Accepting payments more safely and securely doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. At Elavon, we’ll help you choose only the solutions that make sense for your business. And our transparent Costco member pricing and hands-on customer service help ensure that you can focus on your customers—instead of your processing.

Our solutions deliver:

  • On-site, online, and mobile payment solutions
  • U.S.-based customer service that’s there for you 24/7
  • Innovative gift card programs
  • Comprehensive, actionable data reporting
  • Top-quality terminals and software
  • Processing over our secure network.

Elavon by the Numbers

  • In business for more than 20 years
  • Rated among top 5 global payment processors
  • Partnering with more than 1.2 million customers
  • Processing more than 3 billion transactions annually around the world
  • Working from 18 offices in 10 countries
  • Call centers are open 24/7, and staffed with skilled professionals who can solve your problems fast
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