Elavon Terminals with NFC Capability

To enable Apple Pay acceptance at your business, you will need to incorporate contactless point-of-sale devices with NFC (Near Field Communications) readers into your point of sale system. American Express®, MasterCard® and Visa®, as well as many national banks, and dozens of major retail stores have pledged to support the platform.

Elavon has supported NFC enabled terminals for quite some time, and continues to work behind the scenes to ensure they are ready for Apple Pay. If you do not currently have terminals that are ready to accept mobile payments with NFC, this is a good time to upgrade and take advantage of this market-changing opportunity. Here are the terminals (Next Gen) with NFC that are supported and available from Elavon:


  • VX520 Countertop terminal
  • PP820 PIN Pad Vx820


  • iCT250 Countertop terminal
  • iWL250G GPRS Long range wireless
  • 320T PinPad Ipp320

In addition, all of these devices are EMV-enabled


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Apple Pay is a trademark of Apple Inc.