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Customer Review

By Candy Naumann, Office Manager, Freedom Fence and Home

Our previous credit card processing company charged service fees up front and after charging customers. We never knew how much we would be billed each month, and I felt that we were being ripped off. As a new business owner, I realized we needed to make a change and learned that Costco offered credit card services through Elavon. They were my first call, and I began using Elavon’s online credit card service, Virtual Merchant, in 2014. We love it!

Our experience has been refreshing. Elavon explained the rates, percentage and fees in the beginning, and there have been no surprises. We know exactly what the cost for every transaction is going to be, and it helps make business life much easier. Plus, we’ve saved hundreds of dollars by making the switch!

If that weren’t enough, Elavon’s online training for charging, problems and questions was exceptional. I am not a technical person, and they went step-by-step and then asked me to do it on my own while they waited to make sure I could do once they are not there; but, they are always there. You can call with any questions or problems, and they help. They also will set up automatic payments, so you don't have to do anything after the initial start-up. 

I highly recommend Elavon to other business owners. They have taken out all of the guesswork and make everything easy.  When you own and operate a small business, this is a big help!

Candy Naumann

Office Manager, Freedom Fence and Home

Freedom Fence and Home designs and installs fences, decks, patios and other unique outdoor living spaces for residents of the Baltimore Metropolitan area.


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