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Get Special Benefits Just for Costco Members

With great offers like no application fee or statement fees for Executive Members, and no reporting fees and annual fee, exclusive Costco Member pricing awaits you. (And just wait until you discover how dedicated we are to delivering outstanding customer service!)

Tiered Pricing Exclusively For Costco Members

In-Person and On-The-Go


plus 12 cents per qualified
swipe or chip transaction.



plus 25 cents 
per qualified transaction.


What are Your Benefits

  • No annual fee
  • No reporting fees
  • No batch fees
  • Cost saving analysis
  • No additional authorization fees
  • No application fee for Executive Members
  • No cancellation fee or early termination fees
  • No statement fees for Executive Members

Costco Executive Members
Could Save an Average of $1,574 per Year!**

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Credit Card Surcharge Pricing

  • Credit Card Surcharge
    • Cardholders pay a 3% surcharge on credit card transactions.‡‡
  • Flat Rate Debit Card Transaction
    • You pay just 1% + $0.25 for every PIN debit card transaction.‡‡
  • This pricing works best for businesses that accept payments in-person. Contact sales to see if the surcharge program is suitable for your business.  
  • Available on Converge software, talech and the Ingenico terminal line.
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Enterprise Pricing

  • Do you process over $1 million annually? We can tailor a pricing plan for you.
  • Call 1-800-551-0951 today for more information. 

Talk to a specialist to find out how much
you can save today!

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Built Around You Pricing

  • One swiped rate
    • 2.30%
    • Plus $0.10 per swipe or chip transaction††
  • Pricing plan for businesses that want one swiped rate for all card types. Other rates apply to ecommerce and keyed transactions. 

Do you know what you are currently paying for Payment Processing?

Enter information from one of your most recent statements to calculate your overall rate.

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Remember, Costco members receive rates starting as low as 1.10% plus $.12 per in-person qualified swiped or chip transaction.

Customer Reviews

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Elavon is fabulous! When we open new clinics all I have to do is email my customer account manager and she takes care of everything. Very professional and most helpful. My customer account manager makes my job easier! 

Jamie Landrum

Sugar Hill Practice Management


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Get a Second Opinion on Your Payment Processing Fees

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*Visa/Mastercard/Discover service is sponsored through Elavon. Rates listed are for qualified card present transactions. Lodging (at 1.79% plus 20 cents) does not qualify for the in-person qualified rate. A monthly minimum charge of $20 applies when total monthly transaction fees and per-item charges are less than $20 per month. A $25 Application Fee and $4.95 Monthly Statement Fees apply for non-Executive Members. Rates and fees may change without notice. Rate and acceptance are subject to underwriting and business approval. This rate is for U.S. Costco members only. Call Elavon at 1-800-551-0951 for all terms and conditions.

†Executive Members do not pay an application fee or monthly statement fee. Non-Executive Members pay a $25 application fee and $4.95 monthly statement fee.

**Estimated savings are calculated on annual processing rates and are based on Elavon's analysis of The Strawhecker Group’s industry data survey in payment processing services as of December 2023 on net revenue from merchants of a similar size and type compared to the portfolio. Actual savings will depend on business type, card type, and manner of card acceptance and volume of transactions. Non-Executive Members pay an Application Fee and Monthly Statement Fees. Services provided by Elavon.

††Swiped/Dipped transactions cost 2.30% plus $0.10. E-commerce transactions cost 2.60% plus $0.10. Key entered transactions cost 3.20% plus $0.10. Visa/Mastercard/Discover service is sponsored through Elavon, Inc. Annual Interchange or assessment increases by Visa/Mastercard or Discover may affect these rates. Rates and fees may change without notice. Rate and acceptance are subject to underwriting and business approval. This rate is for U.S. Costco members only. Call Elavon at 1-855-402-5181 for all terms and conditions.

‡‡Must be a U.S. Costco member. All surcharge features, parameters and specifications are subject to change without notice. The information discussed is general in nature and may not apply to your specific situation. Credit card surcharge is currently not supported in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New York and Oklahoma. Certain state or local laws may restrict or limit the amount of the surcharge percentage. The credit card surcharge may not fully offset the cost of acceptance of all credit card types. Merchants are responsible for determining the legality of their operation of a credit card surcharging program in the states where operated. Merchants are solely liable if their operation of a credit card surcharging program is deemed to be unlawful. Credit card surcharge applies to credit cards only, not available on debit cards.

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