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talech point of sale credit card terminal


talech is a cloud-based point-of-sale solution designed to help simplify operations and uncover insights:

  • Intuitive & Feature-rich.
    Simplify your operations without sacrificing speed. Create orders, apply discounts, manage inventory, and view reports in just a few taps.
  • Deep Analytics & Insights.
    Gain insights on sales trends, top-selling products, customer spend, and much more to understand your business better, drive sales, and reduce costs.
  • Safe & Secure.
    With EMV, Apple Pay®, and end-to-end encryption, your payment data is protected by the latest authentication technology.
  • Anytime, Anywhere Access.
    Stay connected and manage your business from the office, at home, or even on the road. All your data is available to you in real-time.
talech point of sale credit card terminal

talechTM for Retail

In busy retail environments, talech keeps customers happy and check-out lines moving. The sleek design fits right into any store aesthetic, and touch screen operations make staff training a snap.

  • Inventory Management
    . Scan barcodes when products arrive and add to inventory. Create barcodes and print labels on any printer.
  • Sales and Discounts.
    Create automatic discounts for specific times. Setup advanced BOGO promotional deals.
  • Product Variations.
    Track inventory by size, color, style, etc. Create combinations by set price, cost, and quantity.
  • Customer Management.
    Track customer records by visits and spend. Use house accounts for customers to pay a deposit or run a tab.
Point of sale credit card terminal at restaurant

talechTM for Restaurants & Cafes

Designed for independent restaurant owners, talech helps you take control of critical operations and grow revenue.

  • Menu Management.
    Simplify your menu with modifiers and variations. Use bundles to automatically group combinations or sets of products. 
  • Discounts.
    Create happy hour discounts. Setup advanced BOGO discounts to offer deals.
  • Table and Position Management.
    Setup a floor plan with multiple rooms. Split shared items and pay easily.
  • Order Management.
    Assign courses and dispatch tickets to multiple printers. Approve and track voids. Manage orders across multiple devices in real-time. 
woman with payment processing terminal at restaurant

talechTM on Moby

Moby is a mobile and flexible tablet point-of-sale that fits in your hand and allows you to take the checkout to the aisle, table or countertop. It provides enterprise-class features for added durability, including a capacitive touchscreen, a long battery life, and seamless high-volume payment acceptance capabilities. Moby devices are available in 7”, 10”, 12”, or 15.6” screen sizes to accommodate your business needs.

  • Mobile Wi-Fi tablet as flexible as your business.
  • Easily accept all payments with built-in card reader.
  • Accessories to complement any business scenario.
talech online ordering

talech Online Ordering

talech Online Ordering allows restaurants to easily create a  mobile-friendly website where they can accept online orders and payment. Benefits include:

  • Grow Revenue. Take your business online to reach new customers and capture additional revenue. 
  • Manage Orders Seamlessly. Process orders with just a tap. Save space and reduce errors with a single, fully-integrated system. 
  • Know Your Customers. Learn more about your customers with each order. Send offers based on their preferences. 



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I was surprised with the high level of customer service I experienced working with my Customer Account Manager when I started with Elavon. She is helpful, responsive, and was great about letting me know things I did not even know to ask at the beginning; now that it’s been two years, I continue to be pleased with her level of responsiveness as well as her willingness to answer random questions & help me with any issue that may arise. I am so happy with the service level that I have referred numerous business associates.

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