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We help you protect your customers’ card data and your reputation

Our Safe-T Security Solution brings together the latest payment security technologies along with card data breach assistance. Safe-T combines EMV, encryption, tokenization and our PCI DSS compliance program. By rendering card data meaningless through encryption and tokenization, our security solution minimizes the risks associated with a data breach event. Add Safe-T to your solution to help protect card data. After all, when there’s nothing to find, there’s nothing to steal.

Safe-T features include:



When you accept card payments, your customers’ card data must travel a number of places to complete the transaction. Encrypting that data helps protect the information it contains.


PCI DSS Compliance

PCI DSS is a set of requirements and best practices for enhancing payment data security within business environments. By being PCI DSS Compliant you help your business by reducing the risk of a costly breach of your  customers' payment card data.



Tokenization replaces cardholder data with non-sensitive information, or a token. This helps prevent actual payment card information from being compromised, and also ensures that your business doesn’t store sensitive payment card data.

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Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

The PCI DSS compliance program is also available as a standalone solution for members that don't have the Safe-T solution. The payment card brands mandate that all businesses accepting, storing, or transmitting payment card data must validate they are compliant with PCI DSS.

Let us help you protect your business and payment data against fraud. Learn more about what you can do to make your payment acceptance process compliant according to PCI DSS standards and other precautionary steps you can take.

Based on your security package you are eligible for up to $100,000 of breach assistance per Customer ID number.

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A Layered Approach That Helps Protect You

Experts agree that a layered security approach to payment card acceptance is the most effective way for businesses to combat evolving security threats. We can help with EMV technology terminals along with available encryption and tokenization solutions for your payment data.

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Up to $100,000 in breach assistance is available for customers with the Safe-T security solution. Up to $20,000 breach assistance is available for customers that don't have Safe-T but have validated PCI DSS compliance. Breach assistance will help customers offset incurred expenses including card brand fines, fees, assessments, and forensic audits in the event of a data breach event for processing accounts that have validated PCI DSS compliance.

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