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Customer Review

By Kathy Huff, President, H&H Enterprises, Inc.- Architectural Metals

Elavon Review: Kathy Huff, President, H&H Enterprises, Inc.- Architectural Metals

We began using Elavon’s credit card terminals in March 2005, a little less than a year after becoming Costco members. We had investigated several credit card account providers, and they all seemed to have hidden fees – all but Elavon. Their rates were good, and I placed a lot of confidence in the fact that they worked with Costco.

After being an Elavon customer for more than 10 years, I know that we’ve saved money, but I’ve been most impressed with their customer service. Whenever I have questions, the customer care representatives are most helpful and take the time to guide me through the complicated maze of what affects rates in different ways. And, they explain everything in a way that a layperson, like me, can easily understand. Most importantly, they make sure I’m making the best decisions for our particular business.

As the president of a family business since 1980, I know how important customer service is, and it’s obvious that Elavon places the same amount of importance on that aspect of their business.

Kathy Huff

President, H&H Enterprises, Inc.- Architectural Metals

Located in Thornton, Colorado, H&H is a state-of-the-art fabrication facility and a leader in the ornamental metals business, specializing commercial custom metal fabrication, sunshades and light shelves.

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